Growth - June 10, 2021

7 Ways Cash On Delivery Services Are Changing The eCommerce Industry In India

Cash on delivery is one of the most crucial payment options in eCommerce. We’re not saying this, but your customers are! Statistics suggest that as many as 83 percent of the buyers in India prefer the payment mode COD for online purchases. Out of these, your customers in smaller towns like it slightly more than those in major cities. Regardless of this fact, this considerable statistic should ideally make up your mind to offer cash on delivery services to your customers. So, partner with a COD shipping provider if you haven’t already.

There are various reasons for such a high number of customers preferring cash on delivery over other methods. First, eCommerce is relatively new as compared to traditional brick and mortar stores. This means that customers are more habitual to getting the touch and feel of a product before purchasing it. This provides them confidence about their purchase. In an eCommerce scenario, however, the customer is deprived of this experience. They have greater anxiety around purchases. Cash on delivery for eCommerce businesses is a way to help them go ahead with the purchase and pay for it when the order physically arrives.

Another reason is the nature of fraud concerning online payments. Fewer customers want to put their card details or any other account-related information at risk during a purchase. But, if you have a COD shipping provider like Shyplite, you have more opportunities in eCommerce. Not only can you reach out to more customers but leverage a wide variety of features at no subscription cost. Take a look at a few more factors on how delivery services are impacting the Indian eCommerce scenario.

1. Greater Impulse Purchases

With cash on delivery as a payment option, customers are more reluctant to make purchases. They know that they can browse products on your website from the convenience of their homes and purchase anything in a few clicks. There are no extra steps. Just add the product to the cart and click the COD option. The fewer steps during checkout ease the purchase process, which means they don’t get to reevaluate their purchase.

2. More Trust In eCommerce

Due to the nature of online payments, several customers are hesitant to make a purchase. Especially in India, where customers still prefer going to retail stores, it makes a huge difference. With a COD shipping provider, you can offer more trust in customer’s purchases. You are letting them grab the product in their hands before they can pay.

3. Greater Opportunities For Small Businesses

With the eCommerce scenario becoming competitive, more and more new businesses are entering the industry. Thanks to its unprecedented growth. With COD delivery for eCommerce business, several small businesses can reach out to customers. This is because when a customer hears a new name, they might not trust it at first. But, with cash on delivery service, they will feel like giving it a try as there are fewer risks. 

4. Greater Revenue

One of the direct impacts of cash on delivery services in eCommerce is more significant revenue. When more customers find purchasing hassle-free and less risky from online businesses, they will be inclined to come back for more. After all, who doesn’t like getting their favorite products delivered to their doorsteps?

5. Fewer Shopping Hurdles

Online payments involve adding the payment details and, in most cases, authenticating them. This poses additional hurdles for the user. With COD service providers, eCommerce is shifting towards a rapid and hassle-free industry for the customer.

6. Convenience

Cash on delivery is more convenient and familiar to people. When paid via COD, the online orders don’t ask for many details, making the checkout process more straightforward. Therefore, delivery for eCommerce business made through COD brings convenience to the rising industry.

7. Reach To Rural Areas

Not all buyers might have a UPI account, wallet, or even a debit or credit card. This is especially true in rural areas. With COD shipping providers, you are extending the reach of your business, and therefore eCommerce, to these far-fetched areas. Ultimately, this is adding to more sales and greater revenue. 


Cash on delivery is mandatory in eCommerce, and there are no two opinions about it. COD shipping providers can empower the scenario of delivery for eCommerce business. So, look for a suitable logistics partner like Shyplite that provides you with this facility without burdening you with additional costs. With Shyplite you get access to 27000+ pin codes in India and 220 countries globally with over 30+ courier services. You can provide the best experience to your customer with timely order notifications and reliable COD order deliveries. Because if you’re not offering it until now, you are missing out on business opportunities.

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