Single dashboard for all your shipping needs.

We enable E-retailers to automate their logistics and increase efficiency in shipments by providing a single window shipping platform integrated with multiple carriers.

  • Multi-carrier

    Expand your PAN India reach with multiple carriers

  • Simple single pricing

    Forget the hassle of calculating carrier wise costs

  • No subscription fees

    Pay only for what you ship, not a penny more!

  • Automated Carrier Assignments

    Integrate your online store using our plugins and forget the rest.

Integrate Multiple Carriers

Integrate with multiple carriers in one go and avail all their services with our automated suite. Save time by using the automated booking process and enjoy economical shipping costs.

Automated Tracking

We understand it’s tedious to keep track if the order has reached the customer on time. Track all your shipments in one place without ever visiting different carrier websites. An automated solution for all your orders (even if you didn’t book it with us).

Integrate into Shyplite using our Plugins.

Our tracking plug-ins can be integrated with your website or webstore panel. The carrier is auto detected and tracking information is displayed for all carriers.

You can integrate our tracking plug-ins with your website or your store panel and also let your customers get real-time updated tracking information of their order.

Partner Carriers

We automatically select the most viable carrier for you which helps delight your customers.

The Complete Features Spread


Select from hyper-local, air and surface services from leading carrier partners across India with just one account and prevent the hassle of individual integrations & billing.

Batch processing

Book shipments and create labels for all channels at lighting speed with the unified dashboard and bulk processing becomes as easy as it can be!

Heavily discounted freight

Use Shyplite to get access to special discounted freight. Lower down shipping costs, increase margins, grow and explore E-retailing like never before.

Unified Support Channel

Let us be the Single Point Of Contact  for all your shipping & post-shipping queries. Unified support channel for all carriers.

Single pricing

Stop wondering on which carrier to choose for a particular order. Our service level based algorithm automatically selects a carrier for you, at the same rates for all partner carriers.

Reverse Order processing

Book reverse shipments for any order in a single click and our dedicated reverse logistics partners will arrive at your customer’s doorstep to collect the shipment.

No subscription

Shyplite works on a pay-as-you-go model with no monthly subscription or minimum shipment charges.

Ship more, save more

So you are a rapidly growing store! Subscribe to the loyalty programs to get additional discounts on the existing rates.