Growth - June 9, 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Global Shipping

The eCommerce industry has gained pace like no other in a short period. One of the reasons behind this is the flexibility in selling that it offers. Today, you can sell to the farthest places on the planet, all with the help of the Internet. This looks like a lucrative opportunity to many sellers who start selling online. While you can create a store within minutes and reach out to customers anywhere from your home, you also need reliable eCommerce international shipping solutions to deliver your products.

Unless you figure out how to ship effectively across borders, there is not much you can do about taking your business global. Many sellers don't prefer shipping internationally due to many reasons. They might have shipped one or two orders previously that didn't turn out well, and the products might have been lost during the transit, etc. Most hassles exist because sellers can't find the right eCommerce international shipping solutions. 

But, selling beyond your domestic market with the right business plan can be the next step for your business. It can help you grow unprecedentedly and establish a global brand reputation. Statistics suggest that as many as 70 percent of online customers love to purchase from international stores. This figure is only increasing with each passing year. So, if you're not exploring options to sell internationally, you're not making the most of your business. Take a look below to know how to get started with international shipping-

Form Your Shipping Strategy

First and foremost, you need to create a strategy for shipping your products globally. Remember that every country will have a different market that you will need to prepare for well. While the list of best practices for every market will be exhaustive, you will need to be precise on what you want to achieve. 

The best is to start small and explore markets near to your country. Understanding the competition is crucial but make sure to set realistic expectations for your customers. Then track your demands to find out how your business is doing. The next step will be to monitor other markets that are a fit for your business and consider the right products to ship. You might want to check the feasibility of a product before listing it for sale. 

Finding The Right eCommerce International Shipping Solutions

You will need to find the right shipping partners to get started with selling internationally. Most sellers go for big names and end up paying more than they had the budget for. If you're starting small, you should consider partnering with third-party logistics providers. Usually, they have more than one international courier partner listed with the best pre-negotiated shipping rates for multiple destinations. It will help you save money on shipping and find all the best options in one place. 

Abide By Country Rules

If you're shipping to a new country, you need to be familiar with the export and import guidelines. Countries have specific regulations that are necessary for the trade of any goods. Make sure you and your eCommerce international shipping solutions are familiar with these to prepare your orders for the same.

Prepare Your Documents

The next step is to prepare documents that might be required for shipping. With several customers, restrictions, and duties applicable on products, you will need to prepare the legal documents in advance to avoid any hassles during shipping. Usually, two of the most common documents required are a customs form and a commercial invoice. Ideally, your eCommerce international shipping solutions must be able to help you print this hassle-free from their platform.

Prepare Your Package

This is one of the most critical aspects of global shipping. If you don't prepare your package well, you will lose not only your product but also your customers and reputation. Every product has its own set of requirements that need to be ensured for safe packaging. Even if you're not trying to create a packaging experience for your customers, you should at least ensure that the product reaches safely to their doorsteps.

Manage Returns

Returns are inevitable in eCommerce, but you have to prepare for them in advance. For dealing with international returns, you need to have a clear policy in place. Tell your customers in advance whether they need to ship the products by themselves or you will arrange for a pickup. Usually, sellers prefer the former as it costs less. Whichever option you choose, make sure to have a customer-friendly returns policy.


Shipping internationally can open the doors of your business to never seen profits, customer base, reputation, and leadership. Along with providing high-quality products, make sure you deliver what you promise—leverage eCommerce international shipping solutions like Shyplite such as 3PLs that make cross-border trading a hassle-free affair for you. It has 30+ courier services across 27000+ pin codes in India and 220 countries globally. With Shyplite as your one-stop logistics platform, you get to take your business global without worrying about the shipping costs or delivery experience.

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