Tips & Tricks - June 9, 2021

Simplify Your eCommerce RTO Rate with These Strategies

If there's one thing that scares eCommerce sellers across the globe, it is return orders. eCommerce returns can cause a business to lose more money than make profits. It hurts the business in several ways, but very few sellers know how to reduce their return orders and manage them more effectively.

The idea is that RTO or return or origin orders are inevitable in eCommerce. There will always be a certain percentage of your orders that your customers are returning. Statistics suggest that as many as 30 percent of all ordered products are returned to the seller. This number is far greater than the brick-and-mortar stores. Here are a few reasons why customers return products purchased online-

How Return Orders Hurt Your Business?

While it might seem like returns are not that significant for your business, the facts suggest otherwise. According to a recent statistic, for small and medium enterprises, the cost incurred on RTO orders can reach as much as 48 percent of the business revenue. For this reason, you must adopt the best practices and try to minimize your eCommerce returns. Some of the reasons why you might be receiving a large number of return orders are-

How to Manage Your RTO Orders Efficiently?

While there is nothing you can do to absolutely make your RTO rate 0, you can take steps to minimize it. Reducing even 1 percent of your RTO orders can reflect in the revenue of your business significantly. 

eCommerce RTO Rate
Choose Your eCommerce Logistics Partner Wisely

The first step to reducing your RTO costs is to choose your eCommerce logistics partner wisely. Don't just look for costs but also consider the functionalities you're being offered. You must look for a platform that helps you ship with multiple courier partners, which are reputed and responsible. Additionally, your eCommerce shipping partner must also provide you with robust customer service.

Streamlining Your Return Process

Another significant thing that can reduce your return costs is a streamlined return process. Ensure your customers have a more straightforward return process so that they are confident enough to make a purchase. Similarly, ensure that you track your eCommerce returns.

Leverage Automation

Automating the return process can reduce a lot of your worries and costs. This way, you will be caught up less in the returns process and focus more on growing your business.


While returns are a part of eCommerce, they don't necessarily have to hurt your business in a significant manner. If you have a clear return policy and a logistics provider like Shyplite, you can automate your returns and continue making profits in your business. With the unified platform, you get to make the most of your business while reducing the cost and making your customers happy.

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