Tips & Tricks - June 9, 2021

7 Hacks To Improve The Post-Delivery Experience Of Your Customer

Order fulfillment can be one of the most significant steps in eCommerce. It has the potential to make or break your business. Despite this, most small businesses are too focused on growing their sales that they forget to pay attention to details. One of the biggest mistakes in eCommerce is choosing to believe that your task ends as you ship the order.

But, the question is, does it? No one cares about the order fulfillment process until a problem arises. But, usually, it is what happens after you ship the product that shapes your customer experience. Ever wonder why people love shopping from Amazon more than any other small business? It turns out a lot has to do with how the eCommerce giant takes care of its customers after shipping the product.

So, unless you have a successful post-shipping strategy in place, chances are you might lose customers even without realizing it. But don't worry if you can't figure out where to get started. We've got the top 7 hacks you need to ace the post-shipping experience for your eCommerce business.

1. Resolve Customer's Issue

Just because you've shipped a product doesn't mean you can sit back and relax. Your customers expect you to be there for them even after the purchase. One of the most prominent examples of this is customer queries. Buyers will have all kinds of questions even after you ship the product. They might want to know the delivery timeframe, request for expedited delivery, or even come to you to cancel the product. If these are not the cases, they might want to return the product. The idea is to be there for them every step of the way. Listen to your customer and pass down the requests to your logistics provider, if there are any.

2. Ask For Feedback

eCommerce is full of competition. So, what is it that you do to differentiate your brand? Once you ship your product and it is delivered, there's a lot you can do to make the difference. Reach out to your customer for feedback. Ask them about the delivery feedback and any improvements they'd like to see in your brand. Doing this not only makes your customers feel valued, but it makes them believe they have a say in your brand. Additionally, it lets you know what more you can do for your buyers. 

3. Upsell On Tracking Page

First, if you do not have a tracking page to let your customers track their orders, you're missing out on a lot. Next, there's so much you can do with the tracking page. Use it as a sale opportunity for your brand. Remember that customers love to find products that are related to their purchases. 

This means you have an excellent opportunity to offer them some fantastic product recommendations on the tracking page. The only key is to dive into your data to personalize these recommendations. When the customers open the tracking page, they might end up clicking on your products or buying them, which is even better. Either way, you have nothing to lose.

4. Timely Notifications

Never miss out on customer notifications. No matter which stage of order fulfillment your parcel is currently, you need to inform your customers. If there's a delay in the order delivery process, send your customers a gentle notification. It is probably best if your logistics partner can do this task since they're the first to know the parcel's status. However, you can also have a notification platform, where you get to know about the details of delivery from your courier company in real-time. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to partner with Shypliye. Shyplite is a 3PL provider that helps you create a successful shipping plan and a superior after shipping strategy.

5. Put Your Brand On The Tracking Page

Shipping your order can seem like handing over your business to your logistics partner. But, it doesn't have to be this way. While most individual courier companies send tracking pages that you have no control over, the situation with 3PL is different. Several 3PL partners will offer you the choice to add your logo to their tracking page. If it's your product, Let your customer know about the transit locations of the product.

6. Reduce Customer Anxiety

Once the customer hears that their parcel is shipped, it is natural to be anxious about delivery. Provide step by step delivery information to the customer to reduce your burden and their anxiety. For example, you can send the delivery agent's contact details to your customers. This way, they can reach out to the agent in case of any questions or minor requests.

7. Choice Of Delivery

A smart option is to give your customers control over their parcel delivery. This includes asking them about the preferred date and time for the delivery. Not only does it reduce delivery failures, but it also provides value to your customer.


Order fulfillment in eCommerce doesn't have to be a tough nut to crack. Make sure you pay attention to the details and tie up with a logistics partner like Shyplite that cares for your business as you do. With Shyplite you can maximize your reach to 27000+ pin codes and 220 countries globally with the support of 30+ courier services. You get an access to 9 fulfillment centers across India to increase your delivery speed. You get to make the most of your after-shipping strategy with features like free sms and email notifications, custom tracking page, all without the trouble of any subscription fee! While these steps might seem like additional work, remember that it is the extra mile that you travel for your customers that makes the difference.

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