Tips & Tricks - Feb 10, 2022

Best marketing strategies to skyrocket your sales this Valentine’s day

Well, in an age of social distancing and dating, a lot has changed and evolved lately, and therefore coming up with the right marketing strategy plays an essential role in the growth of your business.

Valentine's day spending habits have evolved over the years. People are spending more and more money on unique and customized gifts for significant others, friends, family, etc. Data collected during Valentine's Day shows that the most popular types of products are jewelry, clothes, sweets, bouquets, greeting cards, and chocolates.

In 2022, Valentine's Day is projected to add 24 billion U.S. dollars to the economy. No matter what kind of products you have, you can still take advantage of Valentine's Day even if none of them fall into these specific categories. Let's examine some Valentine's Day marketing ideas across verticals and channels.

Almost every holiday associated with gift-giving provides an opportunity for eCommerce businesses to expand. Your business doesn't have to sell jewelry, candy, or flowers. But that doesn't mean you can't capitalize on Valentine's Day holiday shopping! Even products that are not traditionally thought of for Valentine's Day can become a part of your loyal customer's gifting plans with the proper messaging.

10 Best online marketing tips for Valentine's week

1. Run promotions, giveaways, and discounts

Identifying the types of discounts, giveaways, and promotions that will drive installs, engagements, and ROI is an essential step in developing your Valentine's Day strategy. It is also crucial that marketers calculate which deals will most benefit their long-term goals. Marketers can offer customers exclusive promotions and discounts only available in-app to drive installs. Users who access your mobile and desktop applications will be converted.

To make sure your customers know what's on offer for Valentine's Day, you should use several marketing channels. You can use this data by using social media, a banner or landing page on your website, email campaigns, and paid advertising.

By aligning marketing campaigns with Valentine's Day sentiments. Especially well suited for Valentine's Day campaigns are 2-for-1 deals and other promotional offers that cater to couples. For in-app purchases, you can implement a sharing system that benefits two or more users if you have a mobile game.

2. Revamp your selling platforms based on V’day theme

By giving your website and social media channels a makeover, you can get your audience into the Valentine's Day spirit - and notify them of your promotional offers. Changes in social media include banners, profile images, and usernames. Additionally, advertisers should leverage Valentine's Day by using creative ads and pictures. Color palettes, photos, videos, and a copy can all be changed in your advertising.

3. Develop a landing page or microsite for promotions

Enhance the user journey by creating a separate landing page or microsite for Valentine's Day. Your website must be prepared by optimizing UX, optimizing content, implementing social media plans, and setting up the mobile version of your site in accordance with the theme. Furthermore, a customized landing page can help you generate leads and drive organic traffic to your website. A friendly URL is considered reliable, informative, and relevant to what web browsers are looking for.

4. Target the right keywords

In order to develop a successful SEO strategy for Valentine's Day, you will need a list of Valentine-related keywords, both short- and long-tail. Writing blog content that is helpful to your customers and optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will help you accomplish this. Using SEO tools, you can find keywords that are relevant to your target audience. Adding your store to Google My Business is another way to boost your local search ranking as it is a key component of local SEO.

5. Add Push notifications for constant reminders/brand recall

Push notifications are a great way to let your users know about giveaways, competitions, or Valentine's discounts once you have implemented them. Your audience can use this as a friendly reminder to get their significant other a gift before it's too late. Push notifications can boost engagement and drive growth by 88%. 42 % of mobile users opt-in for push notifications (which must be enabled for them to work) Personalized push notifications and Valentine's Day-themed alerts will help you achieve the best results.

6. Use Personalized Email marketing

You can offer exclusive deals to your existing users and newsletter subscribers on Valentine's Day. 80% of small and midsized companies use email marketing for retention campaigns and 81% for user acquisition.

Email marketing relies heavily on a call to action and personalization. Personalized subject lines can generate 50% higher open rates, while customized calls to action can improve outcomes by 202%

7. Create Valentine's Day hashtags

It is essential to define the hashtags you will use for your Valentine's Day campaigns before you begin. You can find all content generated from sales and competitions in one place by using this clever method to promote your campaign. Choosing an exclusive hashtag for your brand that is memorable to your audience will help you stand out. You should also avoid using too many hashtags because this may create confusion and discouragement among your followers.

8. The concept of collaborative/Influencer marketing

A recent addition to the list is collaborative co-marketing, which has become increasingly popular. It may be possible to promote your brand by collaborating with other companies, depending on the features of your app. You can tap into a new customer base and expand your business by doing so. 

A Valentine's Day influencer campaign can help you drive growth, raise brand awareness, and reinforce loyalty. Approximately 86% of marketers work with influencers, and 17% of companies plan to increase their social media influencer marketing budgets. Here are a few examples to prove that using an influencer's audience can achieve your goals.

Influencers can be provided with free products as a simple but effective method. You can do this with the hope that the influencer will share your product, or you can do this out of goodwill to gain positive exposure.

9. Boost growth with user-generated content

With polls, prompts, and contests, you can also use social media to drive growth in addition to your Valentine's Day campaigns. You can share user-generated content (UGC) and build a deeper community by promoting user-generated content. 

10. Free shipping is great marketing tool

The free shipping option for online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, as it eliminates the need to pay additional charges. But you must ensure that your packaging should not exceed your product value. One of the main reasons behind abandoned carts is additional shipping and packaging charges. Keep a check on your product & packaging costs so that you can offer free shipping to your customers.


Offering free shipping is an intelligent approach to eliminating a common problem faced by online shoppers. The downside is that it can be costly for your business if you haven't considered or calculated the proper way to provide it. Because of this, you need to find the right balance between gaining conversions and retaining price competitiveness without sacrificing profits. Look for a 3PL that offers a unified platform for all of your shipping needs to reduce your shipping costs and at the same time be competent enough to handle your express deliveries. Shyplite as an end-to-end logistics automation platform will offer you real-time tracking notifications and custom-branded tracking pages that let you engage customers, reduce queries, and build trust. You'll be able to maximize the value of your business while reducing costs and ensuring your customers are happy. #GetFestiveReadyWithShyplite

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