Logistics - June 8, 2021

How To Choose The Best eCommerce Logistics Software In 2021?

Best eCommerce Logistics Software

The success or failure of your eCommerce business depends mainly on your logistics. Regardless of the quality of your products or marketing strategy, you have to pay attention to your eCommerce logistics. Ever wonder what separates an exceptional delivery experience from an ordinary one? It turns out your eCommerce logistics software has a lot to do with it.

Logistics is one of the biggest reasons why the eCommerce industry has been growing strikingly in the past few years. It is one of the main differentiators from the retail shopping experience. The idea is that in eCommerce, you provide your customer the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes. While in retail, the customer collects their products physically, eCommerce has a lot more flexibility. The only challenge lies in the physical fulfillment of products. And this is where you need the best shipping software for eCommerce.

Logistics doesn't just help you deliver your orders successfully but defines your brand's image in the market. This includes putting the requirements of the customer first and fulfilling them without any failure. Moreover, if you're a small business, there's a lot you have to do to compete with brands like Amazon and Flipkart. For example, Amazon offers a fantastic one-day delivery facility to its customers. Taking this a step further, Flipkart has a 90-minute grocery and other essentials delivery timeline at most pin codes. While all of this is providing customers with exciting opportunities to shop, their expectations are also rising.

The question is, how should a small business catch up to these high eCommerce standards? The answer lies in choosing the best shipping software for eCommerce. So, whether you're looking for a next-day delivery shipping partner or an eCommerce logistics software that helps you streamline your bulk shipping, you're at the right place. Here are a few things you must look for in the best shipping software for eCommerce.

Multiple Courier Options

The idea behind the best shipping software for eCommerce is that it must allow you to do more from a single platform. If you're selling on multiple platforms looking to expand your business, you won't want to sign up on various platforms to do the same task. Instead, it would help if you had a unified solution where you could ship with the courier partner of your choice. Your logistics software must assist you with this task. For example, with Shyplite, you get the option to ship your orders with 30+ courier services and provide your customers with maximum satisfaction, without any subscription fee. 

Streamlined Order Management

Order management is one of the biggest challenges in eCommerce. Especially if you're a multi-channel seller, you need to keep track of orders from all the platforms. Your eCommerce logistics software should let you manage your orders without having to juggle between your selling and shipping platform.

Flexible Shipping

You might have just started your eCommerce business and want to take it slow in the market. At the same time, you might be a seller who is shipping more than a hundred parcels a day to a delivery location. The idea is that the best shipping software for eCommerce must let you ship flexibly. Be it a single order or bulk products, you shouldn't have to worry about shipping your orders.

Low Rates

Statistics suggest that as many as 54 percent of the customers will cancel an order if your shipping costs are too high. This leads to higher abandoned carts. As an eCommerce seller, this can be your biggest nightmare. Therefore, look for an eCommerce logistics partner that provides you with multiple low-cost options to ship your products. But that doesn't mean they make you compromise on the delivery duration! With Shyplite, you calculate your shipping rate using a rate calculator and find the best courier service for a particular order using an AI-based courier allocation system. 

Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery orders is the heart of the Indian eCommerce industry. Make sure your logistics partner helps you ship COD orders effortlessly.

Return Management

Your return management must be as smooth as your forward orders. Make sure to pick a logistics platform that offers you hassle-free return options at the lowest costs. With this, you get to offer free returns to your customers.

Best eCommerce Logistics Software


So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for the best shipping software for eCommerce, keeping in mind the tips we discussed with you. One of your best options for a logistics partner can be Shyplite. With a single dashboard, you get to ship across 27000+ pincodes in India and 220 countries globally, offer COD, superior customer satisfaction, and 9 fulfillment centers at prime locations in India, all at the lowest rates starting Rs 21/500gms.

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