Logistics - June 9, 2021

Top 7 eCommerce Delivery Partners In India For 2021

Logistics is a vital part of eCommerce and can help shape your business in several ways. It curates an experience for your customer while helping you earn their loyalty. Being new to the market, you might be reluctant to make sales and partner with anyone who just ships your order. But, it is vital to remember the consequences of inefficient shipping, which can hamper your brand's reputation and throw you off the market race. 

You might have the best idea in the market and find an audience to sell your products. With a lot of hope, you create an eCommerce store and invest in marketing. Slow and steady, you start getting orders. As you dispatch one, you pick, pack and hand it over to your shipping partner. Now you sit quietly waiting for it to get delivered to your customer's doorstep. However, as the customer receives the order, they find the packaging damaged and the product is broken inside!

Even though you did everything correctly for your business, you end up with a poor customer experience and a bad review on the Internet. That's why you need a logistics partner that can help you deliver all your orders efficiently and minimize the risks for you. Some sellers are too reluctant to partner with low-cost shipping companies but end up having a bad experience. 

If you're looking for a reliable and genuine eCommerce shipping partner for your business, you're at the right place. We've got the best ones for you!

1. Blue Dart

Bluedart is one of the most reliable logistics companies in India. They are also popular in South Asia due to their spot-on order deliveries. You get to ship with Bluedart at affordable rates and using different modes. For example, the company offers express mail, freight forwarding, expedited delivery, etc. 

2. Delhivery

If there's a courier company super famous for its eCommerce order deliveries, it is Delhivery. The logistics provider has a separate eCommerce division, where it offers specialized services suited to the needs of sellers. The rates are also negotiable, and you can even let the company take care of your reverse deliveries. One of the best facilities provided by Delhivery is its time-based delivery that delivers the products according to the customer's convenience.

3. Ekart

Ekart started as Flipkart's official eCommerce delivery partner. Soon it also started catering to the shipping needs of sellers across different selling platforms. Ekart has its headquarters in Bangalore and caters to more than 30000 pin codes in India. You can leverage Ekart for its fast and reliable deliveries. 

4. DHL

Even if you've remotely explored shipping options for your business, you must have come across DHL. The logistics partner is famous for international shipping. In India, they have partnered with Bluedart to deliver domestic orders. 

5. eCom Express

It might sound like a new name, but eCom Express is one of the most popular eCommerce courier partners. Many new brands in the market are today shipping using eCom Express and benefiting from its wide coverage. With affordable rates, eCom Express makes for a shipping partner with outstanding service quality. 

6. FedEx

Another reliable shipping partner for eCommerce sellers is FedEx. FedEx has been popular in the market for a long time due to its wide delivery options and affordable rates. The company has excellent connectivity even in remote parts of India and helps you with regular and expedited delivery options. 

7. Shyplite

If you're looking for a one-stop shipping partner, Shyplite is the one for you. The logistics platform helps you ship to 27000+ pin codes in India and 220 countries globally at rates starting Rs 21/500 gms. With Shyplite, you get to ship with 30+ courier partners and select the best one for every order with the assistance of an AI-backed courier allocation system. Additionally, you can integrate it with your selling platform and manage your orders seamlessly. 


We hope this information helps you make the right decision. If you're an SMB, it is best to leverage a 3PL provider, as they offer you more for less. So, even if you pay as you go, you get several additional features that help you grow your business. Look for a dedicated logistics aggregator like Shyplite for a seamless customer experience and hassle-free deliveries to manage all your logistics activities on a single dashboard with ease.

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