Growth - July 24, 2021

How To Get Started With Shipping On Shopify?

Shopify is one of the top platforms to sell online. It helps you turn your eCommerce dream into reality and enhance it with its ever-growing repository of tools. Building an eCommerce store has more than a few elements. You need to list your products, click images, create product descriptions, send notifications, and more. But, no matter how much effort you put in setting up and launching your eCommerce store, it all comes down to your order fulfillment.

Order fulfillment has an immense impact on your business. Whether it is the task of dispatching your orders timely or delivering them to your customer's doorstep safely, you need to make sure that everything is planned. It might seem like too much work, but with a bit of thought, and planning you can quickly turn eCommerce shipping to your advantage for your Shopify store.

But don't worry if you can't figure out where to get started with your shipping strategy for your Shopify store. We've gone ahead and covered everything for you. Read on to find out more.

Step 1: Create A Shipping Strategy

The first and foremost step is to create a shipping strategy that helps you set the logistics foundation for your Shopify store. You're free to keep it changing from time to time as you learn more about the process. In the beginning, here are a few factors you must consider-

Shipping Methods

What type of shipping methods will you use to ship parcels to your customers? Will you offer flat-rate shipping or free shipping? Once you understand where you will be shipping your orders, you can choose any shipping method. But, first, start by estimating the average order value and the cost of shipping to it. You shouldn't have to pay for shipping from your pocket.

Weight Of Packages

The weight of packages helps in streamlining your shipping. You must weigh the products you're willing to sell to your customers. This will help you evaluate your total shipping costs and determine your profit margins.

Preferred Packaging

Choose a lightweight but secure packaging material that will keep the package safe but not increase your shipping costs. 

Step 2: Decide On Your Shipping Rates And Methods

You don't need to always offer free shipping to your customers. If you think you'll have to pay for shipping from your pockets, it's better to pass on the cost to your customers. But, make sure you do it wisely. Partner with a low-cost logistics solution that helps you find the best rates for a delivery location. Then inform your customers in advance that they'll be charged for shipping. It is best to show them a rate calculator that charges shipping costs based on their delivery location. This will keep them informed in advance. 

If you're planning to offer free shipping, you can cover these in your product costs. But, make sure it still stays competitive. Alternatively, you can offer your customers a discount code for shipping that applies to orders above a specific value. This way, you can cover your logistics costs in the average order value of the customer's order. 

Step 3: Calculate Your Shipping Costs

Make sure you calculate your shipping costs beforehand. Courier partners charge you mainly based on the volumetric weight of the package, which is why you must consider the type of packaging you'll be using for your orders. At the same time, consider the pickup and delivery pin codes. This will help you find the best courier partners in the market. 


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