Tips & Tricks - Aug 02, 2021

6 Most Effective Strategies To Reduce Your RTO With Shyplite

Return orders are a part of eCommerce, yet they can throw businesses off their game. Even a reduction of 1-2% of the RTO can help you make huge profits and grow your business with ease. But that’s the tricky part! You might be doing everything correctly about your business but still, receive return orders. This is where you must look at your logistics operations and evaluate your partnership with existing courier companies. However, with Shyplite, all your RTO worries are put to rest.

The point is that to provide customers with a good experience, you will put in the best efforts to partner with a good supplier for the products. You will also gather the best packaging material and even get it customized to make your brand noticeable. But, at the end of the day, if you’re a small and medium business enterprise, you will have to hand over your parcels to the logistics company. That’s why it is essential to choose your logistics partner wisely. Most customers return their orders because of a poor shipping experience.

Some of the top reasons why customers return orders are-

If you look at the above reasons, it seems intuitive that the cause of most of these lies with your logistics partner. Additionally, sending an incorrect inventory to the customer might mean a lack of order information visibility and inventory management, for which you require a superior platform. It seems like these challenges can be solved with a robust technological logistics platform like Shyplite. While there is nothing you can do directly to avoid late delivery, damaged product issues, you can switch to a better logistics partner where your RTO rate is minimized significantly. 

Take a look below at the steps you can take with Shyplite to reduce your RTO orders-

1. Select the Most Suitable Courier Partner

Most sellers have just one courier partner to ship all of their parcels. While it might seem like the logistics operations are simplified this way, other issues arise. For example, not every delivery partner owns a fleet that caters to rural areas and urban cities. This might lead to unserviceability or delayed delivery issues, which is why you must partner with multiple courier partners. With Shyplite, you can ship with 30+ courier services hassle-free. 

The best part is that your orders automatically get assigned with the best courier partner by leveraging their AI-based courier reallocation system, depending on your shipping priority. For example, if you want to ship with a partner that has the lowest RTO, all you have to do is set this priority in the system. Based on it, you will receive the option of shipping with the best courier partner for a specific delivery destination.

2. Leverage Faster And Best Courier Services

You cannot do much if you are shipping with only one courier partner because they have limited services, and you are bound to pass on the same services to your customers. If you want to maximize your reach but spare your business from the risk of RTO, you must leverage multiple courier partners. At Shyplite, you have a choice of more than 30 courier services, including cash on delivery options, express delivery, delivery of essential items, and more. This way, your packages with special needs get adequate attention and are delivered on time.

3 .Gain Visibility On Returns and Automate Labeling

Many sellers do not know about their RTO rates, which is why they cannot take steps to reduce them. With Shyplite’s single dashboard, you get the facts and figures about your business without having to go through multiple excel sheets and detailed reports. Additionally, you can also reduce incorrect labeling issues by automated label generation in Shyplite’s panel.

4. Send Custom Tracking Pages

One of the key features offered by Shyplite is custom tracking pages. Even if you’re not the logistics company, your customers must know that the package is coming from your brand. Sending custom tracking pages sends a message of assurance to your customers and lets them see their order’s fulfillment status. This helps reduce the RTO as the customers are better informed. 

5. Reduced RTO Rates

Return costs for packages can be quite significant for any business. Moreover, if you’re shipping them through the COD mode of payment, they can cost you even more. To reduce these, it’s best that you confirm your COD orders with the buyers. Many buyers place COD orders and change their mind about purchasing the product later. Confirming them with the buyer can help you reduce your doorstep cancellation or returns. 

Similarly, let’s say that you’re shipping a product that costs Rs1000 through the COD mode of payment. With the COD charges levied, the total cost becomes Rs1040, which is charged to the customer. A return on this package would add up to your costs. On the other hand, if you ship via prepaid methods & levy a 10% discount, there will be an overall benefit of 14%, making the product costs Rs 900. Passing the same benefits would not only impress the customer but also help you offer them the option of free shipping. 

6. Free SMS And Email Notifications

Customers want their orders to be delivered as soon as possible after placing them. At the same time, they are also aware that eCommerce orders take some time in packaging, dispatching, shipping, etc., but if they don’t know what is going on with the order, they might cancel it abruptly or place a return request. Sending your customers SMS and email notifications with order updates can help you drastically reduce your RTO as it keeps them engaged and informed about their orders promptly. Even if there is a delay due to an ongoing issue, tell your customer about the same.


Passing on the order packages to your logistics partner should not seem like handing over your business to them. If you’re in charge of your business, you must be able to see through the ongoing operations even when the parcel is in its final stages of delivery. With Shyplite’s single dashboard for your logistics operations, you get a simplified view of your shipping. You ship with the best courier partners from our 30+ courier services depending on your delivery destination and minimize your costs simultaneously. We cover 27000+ pincodes in India and 220 countries globally. All of this helps reduce your return order rate significantly, which comes with no additional subscription fee for the platform. So, sign up and start reducing your RTO today!

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