Logistics - July 23, 2021

What is Reverse Dropshipping? All you need to know

Recent developments in dropshipping have made it possible to run your own online business without an expensive inventory cost and with little upfront costs. Though it appears to be an easy way to make money, the amount of competition in the dropshipping market makes finding a niche product crucial to running a successful business in the long term.

But to understand reverse dropshipping, it is essential to understand what dropshipping is. Dropshipping is a method of order fulfillment for retail that does not require stock or inventory. The business consists of an online company where sellers ship products directly from manufacturers without owning warehouse space. It is common for a typical eCommerce business to store many products, maintain an inventory, or handle shipping.

How does reverse dropshipping work?

The more familiar you become with dropshipping, the easier it is to understand reverse dropshipping. Reverse dropshipping is the process of purchasing products from countries that usually import goods and then selling them in nations that usually export them. Providing a high-quality product in a low-demand area is the goal. A reverse dropshipping model involves purchasing high-quality products from outside a particular country and then the sale of those products within that country. Dropshipping is a challenge, but it offers higher profit margins and the opportunity to build a premium brand. In order to understand how and why reverse dropshipping is gaining popularity, let us dig into the advantages of reverse dropshipping.

Benefits of Reverse Dropshipping

Following are the benefits of taking up reverse dropshipping:

1) A market for premium goods

A premium product market is also where only high-quality or high-end products are sold. Consumers gain a sense of status from owning the product. It is a niche that helps you build a long-term clientele through reverse dropshipping. Furthermore, you can extend your reverse dropshipping business into a premium market by offering other products.

2) Increased profit margins

Reverse dropshipping offers the advantage of generating a higher profit. Reverse dropshipping products are rare, which contributes to the high cost. However, a higher price also means that every sale is worth more. Only high-quality products attract customers. The demand for them will never cease. Regardless of the seasons or other resellers, the cost will remain the same. Additionally, these marked-up prices are welcomed by users because they ensure quality and authenticity.

3) Increased business growth

Each point leads to the same result, which is increased business growth. A higher margin keeps your cash flow in check, rare products keep your demand and supply balanced, and the option to try new products opens up the market faster. Once you build a solid user base in a premium market, a number of factors contribute to the remainder of your business.

4) Fewer market players

Having a niche market and a unique product also means fewer competitors. As a result, you can carve out your path, and your business is not dependent on others. Typically, companies look to expand their business into a specific niche and add value to their existing business. Maintaining a high-end audience also keeps you from engaging in such businesses.

In dropshipping, you can sell online with the same search traffic but only cater to large traffic and provide a high-quality, seamless shopping experience.

Challenges of Reverse dropshipping

1) A more challenging market

Despite sounding wholesome, the premium market is much harder to market to. You will also have to spend more on branding, advertising, and approach in addition to a higher budget. A premium audience might not fall for the same tricks a mass audience will. Nevertheless, as they have a dedicated niche, this issue with reverse dropshipping is not a significant concern and can be dealt with experience and time.

2) A higher level of investment

Reverse dropshipping requires higher investment. The various rare foreign products can also be pretty expensive. Overheads, taxes, and marketing budgets are higher in this business. Compared to other dropshipping companies, this change also requires higher seed capital, making it an expensive deal.

3) Increasing barriers and roadblocks

Besides, reverse dropshipping requires dealing with different types of products, segments, international taxes, and export duties. For example, if you import apparel or electronics, these are bound by international laws and are easier to import. However, you'll face much higher barriers to entry if you're trying to start a business that deals in consumables, alcohol, or any other such products.


Understanding the rules and regulations and finding the right products are the keys to success, with reverse dropshipping. You might face some challenges in the beginning, but they are not impossible to overcome, and therefore it is essential to find the right product, a good market fit, and one you are passionate about selling. Learning and committing to reverse dropshipping is tough, but the payoff is also massive.

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