Logistics - July 16, 2021

How Important Are Shipping And Returns To The Success Of Your E-commerce business?

Spoiler alert: They are monumentally important!

According to a survey by Mycustomer, 96% of respondents reported that the e-commerce delivery experience influenced repeat sales. These numbers prove that shipping and delivery have become an essential component of a successful e-commerce business.

Reliable Logistics Partner

Having a reliable shipping partner and a well-executed shipping plan hold tremendous importance to service delivery. Shipping guarantees when a customer places an order online can convince customers to choose you over competitors, boost sales, and encourage repeat sales. Let’s take an in-depth look at what this means for your business:

Promotes Trust And Brand-loyalty

Walker Sands showed that 90% of consumers would shop online if they had options for free delivery. Your shipping policies need to be transparent and offer value to your customer, this guarantees that they will choose you over your competitors.

Boost Sales And Upsell

3 out of 5 respondents in the Pitney Bowes Global study reported that they had increased their total spend to qualify for free shipping. Free-shipping drives more sales, but it may not always make sense to your business financially. Instead, you can offer free shipping over a threshold price. Upsell existing products in your store and promote business.

Drive Repeat Sales

Offer incentives for your customers like a discount on shipping, or a code for free shipping on check-out to get them back to your store. 

Effective Return Policy

Another very important component of a successful e-commerce business is a well-planned, clear, and simple returns policy. Data compiled by invesp showed that a whopping 92% of customers will buy more products from a company if their returns policy is easy to understand. When shoppers choose businesses with free returns, they’re looking for speed and minimal return costs. 

Problems associated with poor shipping and delivery account for a large percentage of returns. According to a 2020 survey by SaleCycle, 80.2% of returns were because of items being damaged or broken during shipping. 

From a retailer’s point of view, return rates are a nightmare. Statista projections show that in 2020 alone, product returns were a $550 billion problem for US sellers. However, charging a return fee can deter customers from shopping with your brand again. 

While you can’t stop shoppers from returning products, you can reduce the instances of return. Here are steps to take to reduce product returns:


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