Tips & Tricks - June 9, 2021

Choosing the Right Shipping Partner for eCommerce in 7 Steps

eCommerce pickup and delivery are some of the areas of order fulfillment that can make or break your business. Sometimes sellers have the best quality products for their customers. Despite this, they have customers complaining and abandoning their brand. It turns out that the area of shortcoming is their shipping strategy. 

Whether you're a new seller or have been catering to the customers' needs in the market for a while, your shipping strategy is essential. It can determine the success of your business and shape your customer experience profoundly. A good shipping strategy also helps in winning over costumes. So, if you've been neglecting it until now, this post is for you.

One of the critical points in forming a shipping strategy is picking the right partner. You might be doing everything appropriate for your business, but if you have a courier partner that is slow and sloppy, you're going nowhere. On the other hand, everyone likes to buy from a business that delivers as per their promises. Take a look below to understand how to choose the suitable shipping partner for your business-

Delivery Rates

One of the most crucial aspects of shipping is delivery rates. It is also one of the most troublesome areas of business for sellers. If your logistics partner is charging you a lot, you will not maximize your profits. The idea is simple behind this. You cannot charge your customers a lot for shipping because of market competitiveness. So, you might have to cut back on your revenue and pay for shipping for your pockets. Look for the best eCommerce courier that helps you save money on shipping as your order count increases.

Faster Shipping

A lot of customers today want faster shipping options. Be it the same day, overnight, or next day delivery, customers want their products at the earliest. As a business owner, it becomes your responsibility to cater to these needs. So, it would help if you looked for shipping partners offering faster courier pickup and delivery options. 

Pan India Coverage

With eCommerce, you can take your business anywhere. But, for this, you also need to have courier pickup and delivery options spread across broad regions. Some of the best eCommerce couriers offer Pan India coverage at the best rates. This way, you can reach out to customers even in remote areas.

Order Management

Managing orders when your business is growing can turn into a big hassle. However, today there are eCommerce logistics startups that can help you simplify your order management. They offer you a single hassle-free platform where you can manage your inventory, orders, and shipping effortlessly.

Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery is one of the most popular payment options in India. Your ideal shipping partner must offer cash on delivery as a payment option. While collecting COD payments will have some extra expenditure, the best eCommerce courier will provide you with this service at low costs. 

Return Management

Most eCommerce sellers struggle with managing returns in their business. Because of the competitive market scenario, you have to offer your customers free returns on their purchases. However, bringing a product back from the customer's doorstep to your warehouse does incur costs you pay from your pockets. Therefore, an ideal courier pickup and delivery service will offer you not only hassle-free returns but also a platform where you can reduce these. After all, the fewer the returns, the better will be your profits.

Prompt Customer Service

There will be times when you need to speak to your shipping partner's customer service representative. These might be for any order issues, package weight disputes, bulk shipping, among others. If your courier doesn't respond promptly, you might lose out on your business opportunities. Today, some eCommerce logistics startups offer seamless customer service through chat, call, and a ticketing system. You need to look out for these options before you partner with an eCommerce courier company.


With these points in mind, look for a reliable shipping partner. If you are looking to maximize the reach of your business and reduce your costs at the same time, you should leverage third-party logistics services like Shyplite. They let you ship, manage orders and increase your profits from a single platform without any fuss. With Shyplite, you get to leverage a smart AI-based courier allocation system that helps you select the best out of 30+ courier partners for every order across 26000+ pincodes. All you have to do is sign up to get started!

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