Growth - Aug 10, 2021

An Insight Into The Biggest Virtual Summit Of The Year - Shyplite Surge

The past year has changed the overall landscape of the business world. The year 2020 saw a great deal of change, urging people to adopt, accept and evolve and prepare oneself for a new normal. The Industry that has seen an upswing during these times is the eCommerce and cross-border trade industry.

Adaptability is the key to growth.

The change in the digital landscape is pushing various other industries out of their comfort zone to create a better possibility for growth. While some marketplaces are happily accepting this digitalized world, there are some industries that are still stuck with their traditional ways to do business. It is significant to let your organization’s vision speak the language of change and adaptability to focus on getting better results.

Adaptability is the key to keeping up in this ever-changing environment. Change is inevitable, and therefore the organizations and marketplaces need to redesign and look out for various ways to provide a fulfilling experience to their customers. Today all the retailers, online sellers, and large enterprises are looking to expand their footprints across India and globally with the right business strategies and an effective supply chain, staying more resilient. 

What is Shyplite Surge

Shyplite Surge is the first-ever virtual mega Summit by Shyplite dedicated to three business verticals: E-commerce, Cross-border & Logistics. These above-mentioned verticals have seen immense growth during this pandemic. 

The outspread of the Covid-19 pandemic led to considerable changes in the buying and consumption patterns of the customers. This helped the buyer as well as the seller in breaking global and economic barriers. Though the cross-border industry was hit because of the partial and full lockdown situations, the comeback was quick. Currently, India Outbound is a $50 billion GMV market between D2C & B2B Cross Border Shipping and roughly 8% translates to logistics spend. Indian Exports reached its peak at $95 billion in the last quarter. The sector is growing at 25% CAGR. Soon it will reach 35% in the next 3 years. The policymakers are coming up with new ways to accelerate the growth of this industry. 

The logistics industry revamped itself during the Covid-19 pandemic. This revolution redirected the industry towards automation, strengthening itself by focusing on growing the local market and identifying the current gaps that are present in the Logistics & Supply-chain networks. Focusing on growing the local market through. 

With YourStory as a Media Partner, the event is set to host 6+ sessions moderated by senior journalists with 20+ eminent leaders from multiple industries, marketing honchos, and successful entrepreneurs who will be sharing their views, strategies, and concepts to empower businesses & uncover solutions to expand globally in this changing era with a future-ready e-commerce business plan. There will be 20+ different topics spread over 3-days of insightful thought leadership sessions, training & masterclasses with 20+ brands, and 10000+ attendees.

What Is the objective of Shyplite Surge?

Shyplite Surge, the First-Ever Virtual Mega Summit intends to help you learn how to expand your business horizons across the globe. 

Why Should You Attend?

Get Great Insights From Industry Leaders

Live sessions with 20+ acclaimed industry pioneers sharing their vision on the e-commerce & global supply chain ecosystem.

Learn How To Grow Local & Go Global

The 3-day summit is going to help you assimilate the most significant strategies of the era, growing your business exponentially.

Acquire Skills With Masterclasses

Get to know the practical experiences of leading industry leaders from D2C brands to get a better understanding of the processes. 

Grab Exciting Deals & Discounts Worth Rs 10000+

Get leveraged to various deals and discounts from our sponsors and 20+ brands participating in the event.

Enroll for FREE

Witness the mega virtual summit from the comfort of your homes without having to spend anything on it.

Our Guest Panel

Eminent industry leaders like Abhijit Kamra, Director Global Trade-Amazon India, Ananth Narayanan, Founder-Mensa Brands, Ankit Sharma, Partner-N+1 Capital, Navin Mistry, Director-PayPal India, Manmeet Singh, Director Growth & E-commerce Leader-Cashfree, Punit Gupta, Founder & CEO-EasyEcom, Bhavik, Founder & CEO-GetVantage, Mohit Gopal, Senior Vice President-PayU India, Lakshdeep, Founder & CEO-SearchTap, Gaurav Gupta, Co-Founder-Shipway, Anshuman Jain, Sr, Agency Partner Manager-Shopify, Sunil Tulsiani, Managing Partner-Prodigitz, Apeksha Jain, Founder-The Gourmet Jar, Tabby Singh, Founder-Voganow, Pranav Gupta, Founder-Top India Logistics, Mohit Sadaani, Co-Founder-The Moms Co.,Sugam Jain, Founder & CEO-Shyplite, Parinay Itkan, Founder & COO-Shyplite, Nisschal Jaain, Founder & Managing Partner-Shyplite, Dibyendu Ganguly, Sr. EVP & Business Head-Shypmax, and many such renowned names will share their words of wisdom for a seamless journey, moderated by Shivani Muthanna, Senior Journalist and Madanmohan Rao, Research Director from YourStory Media.

The thought behind this event is to get a better understanding of the current eCommerce Scenario and tap into a whole new world of opportunities. Shyplite Surge aims at bringing the overall ecosystem together in these testing times, helping out each other to enable stronger, better, & smoother business operations worldwide.

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