eCommerce - Oct 20, 2021

A guide on best selling product categories to increase your sale this Festive season

Festive season

India, as a land of diverse culture, affords marketers ample chances to play with different themes in each festival. Even though the festive mood here never goes out of season, it is this time of the year that people look forward to the most. A lot has evolved in the last few years, be it technology or usage of digital platforms. India is one of the most prominent markets across the globe, with the second-largest user base on the internet. According to a report, 480 million Indians have access to internet services today. Out of these approximately 90 million are online shoppers. This figure is expected to contribute $150 billion by 2030 into e-commerce GMV.

A recent survey revealed that 82% of the consumers have shopped through various online platforms at least once in the last six months. With the onset of the festive season, it is anticipated that 91% of Indian consumers are planning a purchase, and approximately six out of ten are looking forward to trying new brands during festive season sales. In response to this upswing in consumer sentiment, the e-commerce industry is beginning the festive marketing effort and preparing for big discounts for the season.

These 5 product categories will help you boost your sale 

1) Cosmetics & Beauty products

Cosmetics are traditionally popular items during the festive season. Consumers may be more inclined this year to self-gift, as self-care is on the rise. In order to make it easier for consumers to purchase beauty products for everyone on their list, including themselves, brands and retailers need to make it easier.

2) Home decor Items

A well-decorated house adds oomph to celebrations. Online shopping websites have made it easier to add festive cheer to our homes by making home decor items like drapes, cushion covers, furnishings, flower vases, etc. available with just one click.

3) Food & Health Supplements

Festivals in India are irrevocably intertwined with food, and the changing lifestyles have made people more adaptive to ordering food online rather than stepping out and eating. Not just this, the online supply of health supplements is a recent addition. The changing lifestyles have prompted an increase in demand for health supplements and food for which online shopping proves to be the best way to buy such products.

4) Jewel and Fashion apparel 

Every year the designers come up with their festive collections and new designs, and still, there is always room for more jewelry for festivals. The innate quality of Indian jewelry enables it to look elegant with anything you wear, giving a distinct Indo-western feeling during the festive season.

5) Electronics & Home appliances

The sale of Electronics & Home appliances is anticipated to rise multifold during the festive season. Online platforms are ready to offer some amazing deals to their customers. India is expected to become the world’s 5th largest consumer durable market by the year 2025.

5 Marketing Strategies For The Festive Season

1) Enhance the social media presence

You always leverage various social media platforms to enhance your online presence, especially during the festive season. Brands should prep up to increase their online presence through various social media posts, creatives, videos, etc. to grab the customer’s attention. You can always launch new products and services to capture consumer interest resulting in increased sales. You may choose to expand the reach with the help of a social media influencer as well. It is a proven way and should be included in the digital strategy for the exponential growth of a business.

2) Attractive discounts and cashback

With new players entering the market, the competition for brands is increasing multifold. To create a distant personality, brands should come up with innovative ways like launching a campaign, distributing coupons, etc to attract their customers, while keeping in mind the target audience. 

3) Trending products & combos to increase AOV. 

The festive season is the right time for the sellers to revamp their website and fix it for the festive rush. A website should suggest the trending products to not only inform the buyers about the latest products but also inform them about the various combos available which make it lucrative for consumers. All this will result in increased average order value.

4) Reviving Nostalgia and Related Emotions in communications

By reminiscing about childhood memories or festive times, a brand can establish better connections with its customers making it more impactful and authentic. A customer who sees relatable content triggering nostalgia will immediately feel moved to share it with their family and friends. As a result, the brand is more visible and often even creates loyal customers.

5) Customization And Packaging 

Modern consumers attach great importance to the appearance of products. To meet the demands of the current market, companies can give their packaging a new look. By using the festive theme customized messages on packages, they can spark the customers' curiosity, just enough to inspire a purchase. In addition, since festivals revolve around gifting, consumers will view beautifully packaged items as the token of love that they can give to their loved ones. 

Brace your business for the festive rush as this is the best time to make investments based on the emotional bond that a brand shares with its customers.


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