eCommerce - June 9, 2021

A Beginner’s Guide To Get Started With An eCommerce Shipping Strategy

E-commerce logistics can have an immense impact on your business. It can help you take off with your business idea and attain a good reputation in the market. At the same time, it can help you garner a loyal customer base. Even though shipping involves many expenses in an eCommerce business, it is responsible for shaping more than half of it. Despite this, a lot of sellers take it for granted. They partner with a low-cost shipping provider and end up jeopardizing their customer experience.

While cost is an essential factor in choosing the shipping partner, there are several other things you must look out for. These include a robust platform, features, and most importantly, the value imparted by the shipping platform. Today, several new organizations in the market offer sellers insanely low shipping costs. But if you look at the customer experience, things start falling apart. 

Considering Factors For Choosing A Courier Partner

So, if you are choosing a shipping provider, make sure you consider these factors-

With Shyplite, you get your hands on all these features along with seamless integration to your existing business. In other words, regardless of the fact that you’re a new business or have been selling for a while, you get an extensive opportunity to grow your business. It can be a quick way for new sellers to create an experience with shipping, while for the existing sellers, the platform can help maximize the business reach.

Designing Your Shipping Framework With Shyplite

Since logistics is a vital component of any eCommerce business, you must create strategies to excel in the market. With the growing competition, you need to be more informed about what is going on in the market and how you can create an experience for your customers through shipping.

Ever wonder why some businesses fall behind on their sales when they receive customer complaints about broken products, tampered packaging, or delayed deliveries? The simple answer lies in customer experience. Since buyers shipping online cannot get a touch and feel of the product, they rely on product images and descriptions. They expect the product to be delivered just as you are claiming it on your website. And when that contradicts the experience upon seeing the package physically, your brand’s reputation is impacted. The overall experience of the customer is shattered. 

But, with a responsible shipping partner like Shylite, your business doesn’t need to go through this state of turmoil. The platform lets you get started with eCommerce shipping to deliver your orders efficiently, and your one-time shoppers turn to your loyal customers.

Integrate Your Platform

The first step to creating a seamless eCommerce shipping framework is to unify your shipping and selling platform. Shyplite integrates with popular selling platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart, Ecwid, Amazon, Flipkart, and others to let you ship orders hassle-free.

Reach Out To 27000+ Pin Codes

Plenty of sellers don’t cater to orders coming from rural areas or far-off locations because they do not have a logistics partner to support them. But, to grow your business and capitalize on the market opportunities, you need to design a shipping plan that caters to your target audience, even if they are far off. Shyplite lets you deliver effectively to 27000+ pin codes seamlessly.

Create Your Order

The next step of a shipping plan is to create your order. If you cannot create an order effectively, your courier company will not be able to deliver it. This includes adding information such as the customer’s address, pickup location, mode of payment for the order, and RTO address. Shyplite’s platform allows you to add all the vital information in designated places for shipping your order.

Leverage the AI-Enabled Courier Solution 

A crucial part of order fulfillment lies in selecting the right partner for the right delivery location. Some courier companies have a good delivery fleet in some areas, while others don’t. But, it isn't easy to keep track of them manually. With the AI-powered solution on the platform, you get the best shipping partner for every order. The decision is based on multiple factors, like efficient delivery, cost-effectiveness, etc. 

Print Customized Labels

As an eCommerce seller, you must be able to print customized labels for your order. These labels will have the details of your business. Shyplite gives you this flexibility without much ado.

Send Email And SMS Notifications

Keeping the customer informed about their order status is a vital step in your shipping strategy. It reduces the burden on your customer service and keeps your customers engaged. With Shyplite, this job becomes hassle-free.

Manage Returns

Manage your returns efficiently with Shyplite’s convenience returns tab. Not only do you get to keep track of your RTO orders, but you also reduce them with effective strategies. 


With Shyplite, you pay as you go, which makes shipping a flexible solution for your business. This means you only pay for the orders you create on the platform. You can choose your suitable courier service from 30+ courier partners. While the automated shipping solution takes care of your business, you get to utilize your time to enhance your sales and expand to more profit-making markets.

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