Growth - Aug 18, 2021

20+ Industry Experts Co-Creating The Future Of Global Business Ecosystem

Adaptability during the time of uncertainty is paramount. Flexibility on the other hand is required to thrive in a particular environment. Both of these are required for the growth and development of a business. By now every sector has thoroughly measured their current statuses and is now adapting and accommodating the right ways to implement and pave their way towards success.

The past year made some inevitable changes in the current economic scenarios, making everyone ponder whether the businesses are prepared for the post lockdown challenges or not. It has put to test the vulnerability of current supply chains and quickened the requirement to make them future-ready.

Why is Shyplite Surge a necessity for your eCommerce business?

Shyplite is presenting the Biggest Virtual Summit Of The Year- Shyplite Surge. To help the entrepreneurs around the globe to learn and grow immensely by bringing the overall ecosystem together in these tough times to enable a well built, better, & smoother business operations worldwide. To all those who have questions and are struggling with the queries related to cross-border trade, funding, cost-effective logistics management, Shyplite Surge will provide you a unified platform to answer all your questions. 

Benefits of attending Shyplite Surge

Meet the pioneers from eCommerce, Crossborder & Logistics sectors

Shyplite Surge is a well-structured three-day summit in which our well-versed speakers will share their insights about important topics that will help you to get through the current situation with more planning and a better strategy. 

Day 1 Speakers (August 19th, 03:00-05:15 PM)

The experts from the eCommerce domain will be unveiling the right strategies to strengthen your eCommerce & D2C business:

Bhavna Suresh, Co-Founder 10Club, Ankit Sharma, Partner- N+1 Capital, Anshuman Jain, Sr. Agency Partner Manager- Shopify, Lakshdeep Rajput, Founder & CEO-SearchTap, Manmeet Singh, Director Growth & E-commerce Leader-Cashfree, Punit Gupta, Founder & CEO- EasyEcom, Apeksha Jain, Founder- The Gourmet Jar, Bhavik Vasa, Founder & CEO-GetVantage, Mohit Sadaani, Co-Founder-The Moms Co, Sunil Tulsiani, Managing Partner-Prodigitz, Parinay Itkan, Founder & COO-Shyplite

Day 2 Speakers (August 20th, 03:00-05:00 PM)

The leaders from the cross border trade domain will help you to enhance your knowledge on global expansion opportunities:
Abhijit Kamra, Director Global Trade- Amazon India,Navin Mistry, Director- PayPal India, Mohit Gopal, Senior Vice President- PayU India, Punit Gupta, Founder & CEO- EasyEcom, Tabby Singh, Founder- Voganow, Nisschal Jaain, Founder & Managing Partner- Shyplite, Dibyendu Ganguly, Sr. EVP & Business Head- Shypmax

Day 3 Speakers (August 21st, 03:00-05:00 PM)

Get the answers to your business logistics & fulfilment domain queries from industry experts: 
Gaurav Gupta, Co-Founder- Shipway, Navin Joshua, Co-Founder & Director - Greenhonchos, Pranav Gupta, Founder- Top India Logistics, Sunil Kumar, Manager- Unicommerce, Gatik Bhandari, Founder- The Burnt Soul , Arman Sood, Founder- Sleepy Owl, Sugam Jain, Founder & CEO- Shyplite moderated by Shivani Muthanna, Senior Journalist and Madanmohan Rao, Research Director from YourStory Media.

Such eminent industry leaders will share their insights to help the business persist in a post covid environment by shedding light on what is needed to be done to achieve better productivity and efficiency in the current economic scenario. This will help you in reshaping your business in the best possible way.

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